Testing Christianity: A One-Year Experiment

Background: How different would my life be if I did the things that one is supposed to do as a Christian? Now I realize that “one is supposed to do” is not only broad, but also controversial among both Christians and non-Christians. So I’ll define in the way I understand it to mean: spending time with God daily through Bible reading and prayer.

The Test: For one year I will dedicate my life to cultivating this elusive relationship…well, elusive for me. I will begin with three rules: read the Bible and pray at least 5 minutes per day. I have a feeling, though, that by month twelve, the controls (rules) will have transformed, but not in the way that most Christians and non-Christians think.

My Philosophy: Christianity is about faith. Salvation after all, comes through one believing that Jesus Christ was the son of God and raised from the dead. For any non-Christian readers, this is what the guidebook & manual of Christianity (the Bible) states. I do believe that Christianity in America is overcomplicated (I can’t speak for other countries). You gotta jump through 12 hoops, stand on your hands, spin around 3 times, & chant some foolishness to even qualify…foolishness. I like John 6:29, “Jesus told them, ‘This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.'” So you won’t see me listing a bunch of do nots. I like John Sanford’s description in Being Holy without Being Religious. The method was simple: be completely honest with God about how you feel at all times, and let the burden of you being holy in all your thoughts and actions be his. Example: If you’re pissed off, say “God I’m pissed off & I’d like to throw my boss out of a window–yes, that honest. Ask God to work through you to forgive (forgiveness is for the forgiver, not the forgiven). Also ask him for what you need at all times. The burden of living successfully was never meant to be ours, he intended it to be his.


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