Making eye contact

Making eyes

Here’s the thing. Before I can even consider dating anyone I have to get this eye contact thing down. I recently realized that when a guy “makes eyes with me” I immediately avert my gaze, like a nervous school girl. Even worse, I don’t think my facial expression comes off as nervous school girl at all. I have a feeling my facial expression says, “don’t even THINK about it buddy!” Now I also have to admit (since we’re having confession hour) that this was my mind-set for so long that giving off the “don’t even…” facial expression has become more of a habit and reaction than my actual feelings. So I find that I’m having to relearn the fine art of making eye contact, “the flirtatious eye,” if you will. I’ll practice on some men when I’m out, although I worry about making eyes with a weirdo or worse, a nutjob! Umm, but I digress. I’ll feel out these weirdos before I make eyes, and segue into the flirtatious eye. I assume this will be a process. :/


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